WeatherBrite GR 

Grand Circus – Front-End Coding Bootcamp Final Project

Web Development / Web design / Graphic design


Sometimes a template-based website just doesn’t cut it. WeatherBrite GR was developed as a custom project by Grand Circus students Jessica, Humberto, and Will as a final project in their Front-End Web Development Bootcamp. Using the OpenWeather and Event Brite API, we display the current and forecasted weather while recommending upcoming events and attractions in GR to help plan your day.

Using well-commented HTML, jQuery, and AngularJS coding language as the bones of the website, we created 4 unique page layouts. We were very meticulous with our attention to detail and applied CSS to make the website fully responsive to any personal device. To bring the website app together, we designed a custom logo and business cards to display alongside our project at Grand Circus’ Demo Day 2019.